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Parents with multiple children will receive a $25 discount for the second child, $50 discount for the 3rd child and $100 discount for the 4th child

About Lane Sports

Coastal Blitz NFL Flag Football is an exciting new league, presented by Lane Sports Group for kids ages 4-17. We offer youth a fun alternative to contact football with the philosophy that "everyone plays" and is given an equal chance to participate. 

Our primary goal of this league is to provide participants with a safe and fun team sport in which each one feels welcomed.  Our second goal is for kids to understand that the lessons they learn through sports are lessons they will use in life.

These six CORE VALUES are encouraged through our program:

 - Understanding that we are all competitive in nature and everyone is trying to succeed however, there will always be someone better.  And remembering that good things will come to those who congratulate others on their effort and victories.

HARD WORK - You must work hard in life in order to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.  A good work ethic developed as a kid translates to a good work ethic as an adult. Besides,  hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.  

OPTIMISMThis is a hard one because it is very easy to get down on yourself, get mad at your coaches, or say "I can't". However, sports teaches us that we can't just throw our hands up in the air and give up. Stay positive and look at the glass as always being half full. 

CONFIDENCE - Confidence is NECESSARY!  Confidence sets you apart from others and during tough times, it will keep you from giving up. Confidence means having a mindset that says losing is not an option therefore you believe in the process, you learn from losses and you continue to grow and excel. 

TEAMWORK Team sports teaches that you must trust that everyone is going to do their best for the betterment of the team and when one person is feeling down, then the other team mates will step up while encouraging their fallen team mate.  In life as well as sports, a team is needed to reach goals and to survive.  Embrace it. 

DEDICATION/ COMMITMENTOnce you start something, you need to finish it, even if you want to quit or give up.  Quitting because you just don't want to do something anymore is not being considerate of your teammates who are counting on you to be there. 

We hope that promoting and encouraging these six CORE VALUES will indoctrinate the kids to a new way of thinking. 

2021 Spring League Info
Spring 2021 NFL Flag Football

Are you ready for some football?!  

Join the largest flag football organization in the country! This is a 5 vs. 5, non-contact, recreational, co-ed format. We try to limit teams to 10 players to maximize playing time. This is an exceptional program for first time players who want to learn the fundamentals of football and a wonderful opportunity for players who may want to continue to enhance their skills before taking the next leap into tackle football. There are no try-outs and everyone participates!

Season Details

* 9 week season, with 8 games and 9 practices
* First week is a meet & greet along with a practice, each week following will be a 1-hour practice and a 1-hour game (2 hr time slots)
* Teams are formed based off grade level, school and/or buddy request (no guarantees)
* Each participant will receive a NFL reversible jersey and a flag belt
* Participants in grades Pre-K to 3rd grade will all receive a participation trophy
* For participates in grades 4-8, the top four teams in each division will qualify for playoffs played during the final week of the season.
The winners and runners up will receive trophies. Winners also receive automatic bids to regional tournaments for the possibility of advancing to the NFL Flag Bowl played during NFL Pro Bowl weekend.

* Grades 9-12 will have playoffs depending on the number of teams there are, which remains to be seen.

Wilmington, NC Season Dates:

Open Enrollment Deadline:  May 31st*

Season Start Date** /Meet and Greet / First Practice:  June 13th
First Season Game:  June 20th

Season End Date:  August 22nd ( If there are no game postponements during the season)

Games will generally take place between 10:00 am - 6:00 pm on average, every Sunday. Younger teams generally play at the beginning of the day and older teams later in the day.

*  Registrations will be accepted after the deadline based on availability and will be subject to a $25.00 late fee. 
**  An additional $10 shipping charge will also be applied to any registrations taken within 2 weeks of the season start date.
Coastal Blitz NFL Flag NEWS

    This summer, NERF will become the official supplier of footballs and flag belts for NFL FLAG league play in the U.S


    The 2021 NFL FLAG Tournament Series offers athletes more opportunities to compete than ever before, including younger and older age divisions, recreational divisions, and expanded opportunities for girls. Athletes will have a p...

  • Mar 21, 2021 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!!!

    Registration for Coastal Blitz NFL Flag Football Spring 2021 Season is now OPEN!

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